Under the leadership of our father Nafi Güral, when we founded NG Kütahya Seramik Porselen Turizm A.Ş. with my dear mother and brothers, we always decided to reach for the sky. After founding our company, we intensified our activities in the sectors of ceramics, porcelain, and tourism, where our father was an expert and brought to our family in the past. With the knowledge we have in all these areas, we aimed to serve beauty and quality to both the people and the economy of the country. At the point we have reached today, we are delighted to see that we have taken the right steps in this direction as we hear the appreciated comments from our business partners and customers.

The fact that the name of NG Kütahya Seramik is a brand that we will always be proud of, and that we can offer the highest quality to all who trust this brand, add beauty and happiness to their lives was the most important issue for us on this journey. As we always support, by adding the principles such as openness, honesty, and prescience to this approach, we have created a philosophy embraced by the businesses in NG Kütahya Seramik and all our colleagues.

As NG Kütahya Seramik, we started all the works we have carried out so far with the desire to be 'the first and the biggest'. By reaching this goal, we offered many innovative and important projects to our customers in Turkey. One by one, we accomplished the works considered as a dream in the business world and we were among the leading brands of the world ceramic and tourism industry.

All areas in which we operate, we adopted the vision of being an institution that embraces an innovative approach, leading, and perhaps the most importantly, contributes to Turkey’s route. 

In this way, the impetus was the expectations and desires of our customers. As we proceed to offer them the best, we acted together with our business partners, dealers and colleagues working at every stage of our company.

Yaptığımız her iş bizlere tarifi mümkün olmayan bir heyecan verdi ve inanıyorum ki bu heyecan, başarıya açılan kapının en doğru anahtarı oldu. Every business we do was a thrill that cannot be described, and I believe this has been the right key to success. NG Kütahya Seramik has its name from Kütahya, but the value that is created surrounds throughout Turkey and transcends national borders and finds a place among the most respected brands in the world today.

This success is not only for Nafi Güral and his family, but also for our company employees, business partners and stakeholders; in short, it belongs to all of Turkey.

Erkan Güral
NG Kütahya Seramik Porselen Turizm Sanayi A.Ş.